Get clear, get visible, get the sale

Hazel Butters
Hi – my name is Hazel Butters and I am a technology marketer, sales coach, speaker, coder and dinosaur enthusiast.

I am the founder of Prompt Inc, a team based between London and Boston which helps startups and technology vendors to increase their sales – and to make the sales process fun.

I was first inspired by the ZX Spectrum of the 1980s and my first technology role at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), I am half of ‘Techie & Fuzzy’ a program which teaches nine to twelve-year olds how to code.

I’ve lived in three different countries, across two continents and I believe in seizing opportunities – and in making things (brilliant) things happen. I funded my first business in London by selling my car. A few years later I started a business in the USA, seizing an opportunity from a lunchtime drink to open a new company – I moved continents within weeks and then grew a second seven-figure business.

Over 19 years, I have  worked with hundreds of startups and Fortune 1000 technology companies including Adobe, BMC, CA, Dell, IBM, Oracle, and Siemens.  I’ve spoken at events around the USA and Europe including academic institutions such as MIT and Tufts University.

I  know that sales is transformative, fun and best whHazel Buttersen it involves lateral thinking – but only if you are visible, engage and ask for the sale. My ‘Increase Sales (Fast) as a Startup’ workshop has been run more than 50 times across London, Boston, Austin, Chicago and New York.

I love the telephone and live between Boston and London.

If you want to shift your sales action, revise your sales process and want to know how to ask people for money, then let’s set up a time and talk.

Because sales is all about owning your vision, taking action, being of service – and having fun in the process.