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My name is Hazel Butters and I’m an Action Accelerator- I work with individuals and entrepreneurs that want to make changes in their lives or their businesses, but are struggling to take action.

For entrepreneurs I do this by helping them focus on the things that matter in their lives and to support these by specific actions within their business, to get out of their comfort zone, and increase their sales.

For many business owners this is not just about thinking bigger but acting bigger so they increase their visibility and reach.  (In so many ways, sales relates to our mindset and to things we tell ourselves). I help my clients to move from a ‘lack’ mentality where they feel overwhelmed by lack of time and money, and help them get to a place of momentum and to rediscover joy they may have lost in running their own business.

I help individual who feel ‘stuck’ to listen to what they want out of life, and to support them as they take steps to get ‘unstuck’ and to go after the things they truly want. I work with them to move away from negative, soul- and dream-sucking consequences.  Frequently this involves helping them feel comfortable acknowledging (as in telling themselves, other people – and standing their ground) on what they really want.

If you want support, accountability or advice to shift your actions (and your results) then I’d love to talk to you.

I’ve lived in three different countries, across two continents and I believe in seizing opportunities – and in making things (brilliant) things happen. I funded my first business in London by selling my car. A few years later I started a business in the USA, seizing an opportunity from a lunchtime drink to open a new company – I moved continents within weeks and then grew a second seven-figure business.

Now my mission is to help others to reach and grow.  I’m fascinated by what makes us grow, motivates us – and how we can let go of all the things (thoughts, worries, fears, habits, routines) that hold us back and suck away our motivation.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs at startups and early-stage companies to Fortune 500 companies. I’ve spoken at events around the USA and Europe, including academic institutions such as MIT and Tufts University.

I love technology (and make no secret of it), ever since my first job where I worked with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).  I love and appreciate how innovation changes the world we live, work, and interact in. My experience with technology companies includes Adobe, Dell, Hitachi, IBM, and Oracle Corporation alongside almost 300 other companies spanning every type of market, technology type and stage of growth. An experienced crowdfunder, I have designed and managed campaigns on rewards-based crowdfunding platforms including Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise between $70,000 to $359,000.

I was born in Caerphilly in Wales, and today I work and live between Boston, Austin and London.

I’m a member of the American Marketing Association; the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations; the Public Relations Society of North America, and the Institute of Sales Professionals.  A member of the National Association of Speakers, I have spoken at academic institutions such as MIT and Tufts University, and regularly hold mindset and vision events, and I also teach monthly workshops for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

If you have a sense of overwhelm, want to challenge negativity in your life, feel stuck and want to make brilliant things happen, then I’d love to talk to you.

To your brilliance, Hazel

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