Need sales? – Stop stopping!

Need sales? How many prospects did you call this week? How many follow-ups are in your schedule? You don’t have sales because you STOP

A quick video today about where you stop when prospecting. This is inspired by conversations with numerous clients over the years – when we start to work with each other, they tell me that “sales doesn’t work for them,” or that they don’t have the “traction” they need. On closer inspection, what’s missing is consistent, deliberate and UNSTOPPABLE action. Want to create a new sales habit around the phone? Sign up to join me in the next 100 Sales Call Challenge.

Your main financial resource (Hint: look in a mirror)

What is your main entrepreneurial or startup financial resource?  You may not embrace it, but your main financial resources is you

When I first work with clients and I ask to share their main financial resources, I hear a lot of different answers: loans; salary from their company or employer; money that comes into their family, such as a spouse’s income; or credit cards.

But there’s one answer I’m really searching for – your ability to earn.

Your ability to earn is an immense power that many people simply do not fully embrace. This reluctance to fully step in can manifest itself in many ways. If you’re working for someone else, it may result in you not giving 110 percent to your current role and expected responsibilities. When I work with entrepreneurs, this frequently manifests itself by letting opportunities slip through self-sabotage, twinned with an inner refusal to step into the awesome earning power they have.

Many entrepreneurs simply don’t follow up and commit time to sales. And it’s not necessarily the fact that many founders juggle their startup with other responsibilities. It more comes down to a core belief that you don’t think you are worth what you want and as a result, don’t consider yourself as your main financial resource. But you are. And the best news? – You have everything you need right now to earn and get the results you want. You simply need to get out of your own way.

If you want to step into your awesome money-creating and sales power (believe me, you have it!), then join me for a free online training: How to Make 2017 Your Best Sales Year Ever.

Is your business working for you, or are you working for your business?

Do you suffer from business overwhelm? Are you clear on what your business is costing you, what kind of life you want and the revenue you need to bring in?

As we continue our Make 2017 Your Best Sales Year Yet online training sessions, I find myself reassuring entrepreneurs and business owners that it’s okay to not do everything themselves. In fact, when you do try to do everything yourself, you can end up with things you don’t want in your business — or in your life. Here’s a quick checklist of what this may look like.

Warning: If any of these things sound familiar, let’s schedule a call to talk about how we can change them. I know how to help you step back and transform what is coming into your business.

      You work really long hours, yet finish your days with a sense of overwhelm

      You could be earning more per hour if you had a job that paid minimum wage

      You worry about money

      You always feel like there is a lack of money

      You want to grow your business and have people to whom you can delegate tasks, but you don’t have the money to do it

      You try to solve problems by working ever-longer hours (and end up feeling exhausted)

      You feel like you’ve lost your ability to hand work and responsibilities to other people

      You simply don’t believe you can have or deserve what you want out of life.

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Money = Freedom [= Sales]

I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

This includes freedom to:

  • Not work a set ‘nine to five’
  • Do what I chose for a living
  • Work with clients that I pick (and I love)
  • Have a brilliant team
  • Travel
  • Spend time with my family
  • Grow my business
  • Move to a different country (for example, I’ve wanted to live in the USA since I was about nine years old, and now I do)

Plus the freedom to generate my own money.

But it’s hard to generate money – and to make your ‘if I had money list’ if you don’t like sales. Because sales is the first step to create this freedom. 

Think: if you had more money coming into your business, then how would you spend it? Invest it to grow, to expand and train your team, to travel and to reach more people, to go and do all those things you tell yourself that you’ll do ‘someday’.

It also increases your sense of purpose. Because reaching more people means serving more people, in a brilliant positive loop.

So if you want more money in to your life and your business – get selling.

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You, money worries and taking action

Got money worries?

Ever had that thing when you have bad news, or something happens and your mind runs away?  I mean really runs away – where you think of the worse thing possible that could happen.

Our greatest fears direct these negative thoughts – where you convince yourself that you cannot resolve, or change the status quo and that you are doomed to the worst possible scenario, no matter what you do.  The overwhelm that goes with this type of spiraling, negative thinking is exhausting. You head to a dark place of thinking where you allow your mind to flow to all the things that you think are impossible, unreachable or unresolvable.

But there’s a reality here. That what you think MAY happen is just that – thoughts.  You need to be aware of how your mind is running away, and your subconscious is taking control.  Your reptilian brain starts shouting: “DANGER, DANGER” – but the reality is that unless you are in real physical danger or being chased by a bear – these reptilian-brain-induced thoughts aren’t helping you. Your brain is simply doing all it knows to do: react and send you into panic mode.

“But I have evidence” – you may claim. “I got a demand letter from the credit card company” or “I can’t afford to pay my bills this month.”

I’m not denying the situation – acknowledge it and then think about how you change it, redefine it in your mind and can take positive action.  I highlighted the word ‘action’ (yes, again for emphasis) because action is the way to resolve it – even though it may be tempting to take flight, hide, worry, cry, eat, drink – whatever coping mechanism you may turn to.

Because in the modern world any sense of panic, of ‘fight or flight’ doesn’t help when you are worried about certain things – money, for example.

For example if your worry is: “I got a demand letter from the credit card company.” When you have money troubles you can spend so much time focusing on lack, and beating yourself it will become exhausting. Just imagine how this could be the trigger where you change things around – but you need to stop defining yourself by what you see as lack. The first step to this is to STOP the doom-laden spiral thinking (you know where you picture everything getting worse, you losing everything, all your friends and family turn their backs to you, then your pet dog/cat/gerbil leaves you).  Instead think how this could be a turning point where you change things in your life – Disney, Hershey, Lincoln and Henry Ford each changed their lives after bankruptcy. 

When you stop and reflect, it is astonishing how controlled by our reactions we can be. But what is brilliant here is the ability to take back control – and to tell our mind how we want to react, process and change a situation.

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Learning to have sales conversations, pour lattes and create a Jackson Pollock Swan


It’s been raining this afternoon, so I went for a walk around Scituate Harbor (growing up in Wales makes me head outside when it rains). I ended up in Lucky Finn, our local café, to watch the sea and have  a cup of tea – very British, I know.

Not everyone is drawn out by rain, so it was quiet in the cafe.  Lucky Finn’s manager was taking advantage of the peace and was teaching some newer team members how to use the high-end espresso machine and pour lattes.

Because while you can watch, hear, read about how to learn a skill – whether it’s making a beautiful-looking latte or learning to have sales conversations, we learn by doing even though at first we are uncomfortable, nervous, or unsure.

You can’t get to master any skill without these first unsteady attempts. But you have to go get uncomfortable, be ready to learn and willing to make mistakes.

As we get ready to launch our next ’90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge,’ I know that some of our group will feel uncomfortable – but I also know this is a great thing.  Changing your business, bringing in more money, getting clarity on how you want to bring into your business – these all mean doing new things.  For some entrepreneurs this is about having sales conversations, or learning how to ask for more money. For others it’s about getting on stage or speaking, or declaring and owning your expertise, or even saying ‘no’ to things. It’s usually a range of these things, but there’s always some things that make us a little more uncomfortable than others and it’s true – that true growth lies on the other side of our comfort zone.

I’d even go as far to say that if you’re not doing things in your business and your life that make you feel uncomfortable then you should be – stretching, trying new things and bringing new experiences into our lives (and businesses) is a brilliant thing.

At Lucky Finn – after  going through the mechanics of the machine, talking about the beans, serving styles, the “sheen” and presentation – one of the trainees proudly explained her trial drink was decorated with a “Jackson Pollock swan.” Her first latte, and the start of a new skill.

Want to apply new sales skills to grow your business? Then sign up today to join our ‘90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge’ this week.