Content, Vision and Sales

‘Content is king’ is a used (and frequently abused) statement in marketing circles. (To me it’s also got an obvious element to it – like saying: ‘talking is about what you say.’)

We can agree – whether you’re a marContent, Vision and Salesketer, in business development, a business owner or a sales person – that content is important. I think we’re all on board with that.

But it’s important that content is two things: (1) connected to your vision (2) connects to your sales.

Vision is frequently not as clear as it should be (I’m sharing my thoughts on vision and sales in this webinar on May 5), in which case the company lacks direction which means that even the best-written content can feel purposeless.  And many people have a poor perception of sales, so worry about overtly-linking content to sales, so we skirt around this because we don’t want to come across as ‘salesy.’

It doesn’t matter what your business does, whether you make cupcakes, manufacture electronics, provide security for mission-critical software, or created an app that cooks dinner; you need to share messages that relate to your vision – to your WHY your business exists and its purpose.

And as well as connecting and resonating with your prospects, you also want to help them identify the best path to a solution – that’s where the sales element comes in. And it’s important that you are comfortable with this, and able to help your prospects – to assume the role of assistant buyer.

Stuck on how to articulate your vision and link it to your sales? Then we can help you – sign up for a free 30-minute strategy call with us to get your vision and sales aligned (so you can share it in your content).