The Importance of Aligning Sales with Marketing

Hazel Butters: Sales CoachFor 18 years I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to help them realize their key objectives and entrepreneurial goals.  From one-person startups searching for funding to global leaders that want to maximize sales, shorten the sales cycle and have a bigger impact; I’ve worked the full spectrum. No matter the size of the business, though, companies may be on the brink of marketing-self-sabotage — where marketing initiatives undermine or delay sales — and they don’t even know it.

A common misconception is that the ‘Sales and Marketing’ team is just that – one team. The false-combining of these two departments into one has always baffled me. The skillsets held by the sales team differs drastically from those leading the marketing efforts. While there is a mutual responsibility between the two groups to grow revenue and boost sales; their approaches won’t look the same and, sadly, sometimes their goals aren’t aligned.

In the worst-case scenario these miscommunications delay company growth, waste valuable budget dollars – and can even create animosity between the two departments.

During April, I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts on some of the best-practices I’ve worked to implement with businesses to maximize – and align – sales and marketing goals.