Success in life is about showing up

Want success? Then SHOW UP. This may seem like a simple, even obvious statement, but it’s important, and applies to both our personal and professional lives.

By showing up, I don’t just mean just being physically present, but being emotionally present – to be yourself, your authentic or true self, and to have the conviction to admit, and to be, all that you are and that you want to be.

In our personal lives, showing up and being present is fundamental to connecting to other humans, and the basis for relationships. I think it’s fundamental to success, happiness, fun, and experiencing life’s amazing opportunities.Success and showing up

These opportunities and the success they bring extends into our business lives.

If you are an entrepreneur, showing up is vital. By showing up, and then stepping up, or being your best self, you reach and aspire to all that you want for your business and for all the people that you want to serve. You show the true passion for what you do or what to do. It’s real. It’s genuine. And it resonates. In turn, this fuels the ability to be open to and seize opportunities; to take ideas, nurture them, and do everything possible to make them happen.

For an entrepreneur, this ability to show up and be truly present means that you give yourself permission to commit to what you want to do, and just as importantly to be clear with yourself –  and with others – on WHY you do it.