Is your business working for you, or are you working for your business?

Do you suffer from business overwhelm? Are you clear on what your business is costing you, what kind of life you want and the revenue you need to bring in?

As we continue our Make 2017 Your Best Sales Year Yet online training sessions, I find myself reassuring entrepreneurs and business owners that it’s okay to not do everything themselves. In fact, when you do try to do everything yourself, you can end up with things you don’t want in your business — or in your life. Here’s a quick checklist of what this may look like.

Warning: If any of these things sound familiar, let’s schedule a call to talk about how we can change them. I know how to help you step back and transform what is coming into your business.

      You work really long hours, yet finish your days with a sense of overwhelm

      You could be earning more per hour if you had a job that paid minimum wage

      You worry about money

      You always feel like there is a lack of money

      You want to grow your business and have people to whom you can delegate tasks, but you don’t have the money to do it

      You try to solve problems by working ever-longer hours (and end up feeling exhausted)

      You feel like you’ve lost your ability to hand work and responsibilities to other people

      You simply don’t believe you can have or deserve what you want out of life.

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Sales solves overwhelm

Feeling frustrated by your business? Overwhelmed? Do you feel that you have momentum, and that things are happening – that your business is going in the direction you want it to? In which case, that’s great – keep that fire and momentum going.

But if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you know that not every is like that. Some days you feel like you are in your own way, and that no matter what you do, you aren’t moving in the right direction. You feel stuck.

Sales solves overwhelm

These, believe it or not, are the days where you need to force yourself to sell, to connect with your sales mojo -and to use it.  Why? Because sales gives you momentum. It adds revenue which allows you to delegate more, to increase your team, reduces stress and puts you in control.

But if you’re feeling low on your business ebb, you may feel that you don’t have the energy, motivation or inclination to sell.  Those are the moments that you need to take action.

Think about it – about why you have your business, and how far you’ve come, reflect on your successes. As a business owner you have taken a decision. Ventured out and stuck your neck out where others didn’t – to bring you to where you are right now.

There’s no boss to motivate you, to tell you what to do – you need to take the action. You wanted this – you still want this, so just stop rolling your eyes, block out an hour in your schedule (right now) and go pick up that phone, contact someone who can help your business now, ask someone to work with you – find your sales mojo.

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