Why don’t you spend more time selling?

Sales. It’s the one activity that any entrepreneur can invest time in to yield consistently generated business results, connect you with the people you want to serve, grow your company, reduce business pressure and personal stress, lead you to what you WANT from life and make you happy.

It’s something that every entrepreneur knows their business needs, but it’s also commonly avoided.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs shy away from sales. They fill up their time with so many activities, and after a long and busy day they may feel exhausted – but they haven’t worked on the main direct revenue-generating, business-building activity – by which I mean sales. 

Do any of these sales-avoidance tactics sound familiar to you?

1)   I have a lot to do – social media, writing blogs, working on my website. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything

2)   I’m going to focus on sales more tomorrow / next week / next month / once the new website is up and running

3)   Okay, I’ll admit it- I hate people saying “no” to me so I don’t like to ask in the first place

4)   Salespeople are pushy, so I’m not comfortable doing that

5)   I don’t know what to sell

 6)   I don’t know how to sell

 7)   I don’t need to pick up a phone, that’s not how my business sells – I’m depending on inbound marketing

 8)  I’ve never liked sales, it’s not what I do as a founder or business owner (frequently accompanied with: “When my business grows, I’ll just employ a sales person and they can do it all.”)

  9)  I’m going to use social media to sell, so I don’t need to sell by picking up a phone or asking people if they want to buy from me

  10)  If I cut prices adequately enough, then someone will buy from me (even if they aren’t my ‘ideal client’).

Taking a long and thorough look at your perspective on sales can be the first step in making improvement – perhaps one step at a time – toward a more robust and fruitful business.

Want to prioritize sales in your business?  Then it could be time to look at what YOU want and how you spend your time.  If you want to clarify your goals and shift your results, then why not join us for our three-month personal transformation program, Butterflies and Frogs.