Money = Freedom [= Sales]

I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

This includes freedom to:

  • Not work a set ‘nine to five’
  • Do what I chose for a living
  • Work with clients that I pick (and I love)
  • Have a brilliant team
  • Travel
  • Spend time with my family
  • Grow my business
  • Move to a different country (for example, I’ve wanted to live in the USA since I was about nine years old, and now I do)

Plus the freedom to generate my own money.

But it’s hard to generate money – and to make your ‘if I had money list’ if you don’t like sales. Because sales is the first step to create this freedom. 

Think: if you had more money coming into your business, then how would you spend it? Invest it to grow, to expand and train your team, to travel and to reach more people, to go and do all those things you tell yourself that you’ll do ‘someday’.

It also increases your sense of purpose. Because reaching more people means serving more people, in a brilliant positive loop.

So if you want more money in to your life and your business – get selling.

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You, money worries and taking action

Got money worries?

Ever had that thing when you have bad news, or something happens and your mind runs away?  I mean really runs away – where you think of the worse thing possible that could happen.

Our greatest fears direct these negative thoughts – where you convince yourself that you cannot resolve, or change the status quo and that you are doomed to the worst possible scenario, no matter what you do.  The overwhelm that goes with this type of spiraling, negative thinking is exhausting. You head to a dark place of thinking where you allow your mind to flow to all the things that you think are impossible, unreachable or unresolvable.

But there’s a reality here. That what you think MAY happen is just that – thoughts.  You need to be aware of how your mind is running away, and your subconscious is taking control.  Your reptilian brain starts shouting: “DANGER, DANGER” – but the reality is that unless you are in real physical danger or being chased by a bear – these reptilian-brain-induced thoughts aren’t helping you. Your brain is simply doing all it knows to do: react and send you into panic mode.

“But I have evidence” – you may claim. “I got a demand letter from the credit card company” or “I can’t afford to pay my bills this month.”

I’m not denying the situation – acknowledge it and then think about how you change it, redefine it in your mind and can take positive action.  I highlighted the word ‘action’ (yes, again for emphasis) because action is the way to resolve it – even though it may be tempting to take flight, hide, worry, cry, eat, drink – whatever coping mechanism you may turn to.

Because in the modern world any sense of panic, of ‘fight or flight’ doesn’t help when you are worried about certain things – money, for example.

For example if your worry is: “I got a demand letter from the credit card company.” When you have money troubles you can spend so much time focusing on lack, and beating yourself it will become exhausting. Just imagine how this could be the trigger where you change things around – but you need to stop defining yourself by what you see as lack. The first step to this is to STOP the doom-laden spiral thinking (you know where you picture everything getting worse, you losing everything, all your friends and family turn their backs to you, then your pet dog/cat/gerbil leaves you).  Instead think how this could be a turning point where you change things in your life – Disney, Hershey, Lincoln and Henry Ford each changed their lives after bankruptcy. 

When you stop and reflect, it is astonishing how controlled by our reactions we can be. But what is brilliant here is the ability to take back control – and to tell our mind how we want to react, process and change a situation.

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Suffering from sales desperation?


Suffering from sales desperation?

We’re halfway through our ‘90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge‘ and next week we start our new intake (there’s still time to sign up and join us).

This week our livestream was about demonstrating and communicating value throughout the sales process. This is important because while you THINK you solve certain problems and that’s why your prospects should work with you, the reasons that will bring them to a sales decision may be different.

It’s important to start with the problem that they have – and that they worry about solving. As they say: “Give them what they want, then give them what they need.”

It’s important to be in your prospect’s shoes, and to have empathy for where they are and what they need to solve.  You need to become a trusted advisor during the sales process – and then as a trusted advisor you need to come from a place of service and share your thoughts, experience and insights to the customer.

But to get to this place, you need to consider the problems worrying your prospect as you create, plan and then have sales conversations.

Because trying to solve a problem that you think the prospect has, and they aren’t worried  about (or a problem they don’t think they have) isn’t going to help you – even if you think it’s a huge problem and one that they need to solve. You have to start the sales process where they are, and address their challenges and problems.

If you feel looming sales desperation then it’s important to avoid  ‘sales panic’ – when you feel that your back is against a wall and your mind loses focus – and you frantically skip from one thing to another desperate for something to work.  You may feel like you’ve lost control but it’s important to recognize that you haven’t – but you do need to take a step back, plan, focus and execute (how to structure your workday is another area we work on during our 90-day sales challenge).

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Are you clear on your sales numbers?

Are your sales numbers clear in your head or all jumbled up?

If you’re a business owner or a member of a founding team, or responsible for business development in any way, then here’s a few quick questions:

1. How many leads did you create last quarter?  How many do you expect to generate this month?

2. What’s your conversion rate from leads to opportunities? i.e. how many of leads do you convert into opportunities?

3. How many opportunities convert into sales?

4. How much revenue do you want to generate this month? This quarter? 

As we continue in the final quarter of the year, it’s important to know these numbers – because if you’re not working from your revenue goal and then calculating the opportunities you need, and the leads you need to create those opportunities, then hitting your number becomes an actual goal – and not some ‘hope-based’ strategy of revenue generation.

Join us for our ’90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge’ to not just learn – but to apply – goals to your business.  In this challenge we will help you create DAILY sales habits that shift your business and give you the tools, techniques and resources to SHIFT your sales.  Because brilliant sales happen when selling is a DAILY habit – and one that you enjoy.

Sales and finding customers: What are you doing to find prospects?

How good are you at finding customers?

Whatever your business is, no matter how fabulous or amazing your product or service, you need to attract new prospects. To do that consistently you have to set up processes and deliberate.

There are many ways to define leads, but when I work with clients to help them with their sales processes, at the broadest definition I start with ‘leads’ which are cold contacts and when these are qualified they are ‘opportunities’.

First, how big is your list of prospects that you would define as ‘leads’ or ‘opportunities’?
When did you last contact these prospects? Do you have a regular newsletter, series of educational updates, market insights or perspectives that you share with them?
How many leads did you generate last month? Last quarter? How many do you plan to generate this month?
If you don’t know, you need to set up a baseline and start tracking this number – so you can see what’s working.

So how can you find potential new prospects and generate leads? Here’s some ideas of where you can find new customers – and to help them find you:

  • □ Workshops
  • □ Webinars
  • □ Podcasts
  • □ Downloads: e-books, how-tos, checklists
  • □ Attending or sponsoring events, tradeshows
  • □ Networking
  • □ Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • □ Blogging
  • □ Videos

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‘Sales’ is not a dirty word…

I’ve been spending a lot of time speaking at workshops and events for business owners.

I always like to ask attendees about their perception of sales. In many cases, I hear that sales is not held in high regard — it’s not seen as some highly respected discipline. It’s even viewed as a ‘dirty’ thing to do.

This is a problem that many business owners face. You create a business based on something you love — a passion you have, a skill you can’t wait to share with the world and with your prospective clients — but … what? You have to sell? Somehow this comes as a surprise to many.

Yes, you have to sell.

But you also have to remember what makes a ‘good’ sale and what makes a ‘bad’ sale (want to hear more about that, then sign up for my Brilliant Sales Tips). But the basic fact of business is you have to sell your product, service or expertise to make money. And without money, you are not running a business, you have a hobby — one that takes up all your time, energy and, well, your life.

So time to shift your mindset and to repeat after me: sales is NOT a dirty word. It’s an important part of your business and one that you have to actively pursue.

Looking to really shift your attitude, behavior and commitment to sales? Join me for my next 60-day Brilliant Sales Challenge.