Self-sabotage: Who are you listening to?

In my previous post, I mentioned self-sabotage and how it affects stepping into your power.

The strange thing about self-sabotage is the root voice, which tends to be someone else’s voice.

It may be a voice that says you’re not good enough, smart enough, young enough, rich enough or can’t charge that much to work with clients (there’s huge volume when it comes to voices addressing money).

The voice may be from an incident that happened in your childhood. It could be the voice of a parent. It may be something that a teacher or authority figure once said to you. It could be a colleague, a friend. It may be even be something a stranger once said.

The strangest thing is that it isn’t actually your voice or your truth.

Learning to recognize and then shut out those voices is transforming. It allows you to step into truth, to understand what is fact, and to transform your outlook.

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Do you suffer from Someday Syndrome? 

someday syndrome
“So when is someday?”

I have frustration around the uncommitted time known as “someday.”

This week I discovered it’s something I have in common with Dolores, a wholesome, blue-dress-clad android in HBO’s Western-themed sci-fi thriller, Westworld. When Dolores’s beau, Teddy, says he’ll whisk her away “someday” you can tell something’s going to snap in her circuitry.

When I’m working with clients who are keen to move into action and get their work, lives or projects into gear, it’s important that they realize that someday doesn’t exist. And I work with them to set a timeline for themselves, or commit to a date.

Are you suffering from Someday Syndrome?  Here’s a simple fix (but only if you do it):

  1. What is the thing you are going to do “someday?”
  2. Get a calendar.
  3. Pick a date.
  4. Commit to it.
  5. Make the date public in some way — so you’re really committing to it.
  6. Take a small step to support what you are going to do.

Yes, I know it sounds simple. But even declaring the intention of what you want — and when you’re going to do something about it — can get the wheels of the universe in motion. Instead of sitting around, waiting for “someday.”