Want to have fun in the sales process?
(So you look forward to picking up the phone
– and speaking with your prospects)


Why Our Clients Work With Us

We’re creative, and clients see where they are leaving money on the table and the sales opportunities right under their noses

We support our clients as needed, guide them, and are there to inspire them, energize them, and remind them what they want

We hold our clients’ feet to the fire to help them and their sales teams take consistent and deliberate sales action

We know the funnel
We understand the funnel: from cold, qualification (BANT, CHAMP, MEDDIC plus others) to opportunity

Focus on the revenue
Analytical processes including historic sales analysis, projections, and forecasting

We work with clients to create a playbook that works for their sales process: including scripts, qualifying questions, sales questions, and positioning statements

Metrics and results
As well as revenue, we help our clients to set and monitor prospecting metrics: calls made, emails out, leads touched, conversations.

We love outbound sales
If our clients are avoiding the phone, we help them understand how to bring it into their sales process and to love it

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Hazel takes a direct, no nonsense approach to improving your sales efforts. She works to move you out of your comfort zone into sales behavior that is productive and measurable. Hazel is the right person to help you take a critical look at your sales processes, and move to higher ground.
Ed C – Entrepreneur and CEO, Boston