100 Sales Call Challenge


Need more money in your business?

If you want more money, you need more sales. To get more sales, you need to speak with more prospects. Spend time learning about them, explaining what you do, and how you can help them.

The quickest way to do this?
Pick up your phone and speak with people. Have conversations, ask questions.

The 100 Sales Call Challenge is for people who know they need to pick up that phone.
It’s 30 days of advice and accountability.

Learn sales skills, take action to pick up that telephone, speak with your prospects, ask them relevant questions, and bring sales in.

We will support you, guide you, provide ideas, what to say, and support you as you make 100 sales calls for your business. We will transform how you feel about sales, which will transform your business.

Ready to leap into growing your business? Here’s what’s included:

4x weekly check-ins

Every week, for 30 days, dial into our Telephone Tuesday call to ask questions, talk about your progress, and get support if you feel stuck or overwhelmed.

4 x weekly live online lessons. Every Monday (recorded for replay)

Lesson 1: Who to call and how to find them

How to get clear on who you are going to call during the 100 Sales Call Challenge. Ideas, tools and resources to find them and source their contact details. .

Note: Access recordings to all calls

All calls are recorded and available for download via our portal, so you can replay or you can catch up on all calls

Lesson 2: What to say after ‘hello’

Get clear on what to say when you pick up the phone – how to introduce yourself, your company and to talk about what you do.


Lesson 3: Using questions to engage’ and move prospects through the sales process

How to use open questions to engage and influence.

Lesson 4: Reviewing your sales process

We’ll review what your ideal sales process should look. And how can you use the phone with email, social media, in-person (or virtual) meetings?

Trainer: Hazel Butters

Hazel and the team at Prompt help entrepreneurs, startups and technology companies to increase sales revenue by increasing the quality and quantity of their sales conversations – and to pick up the phone. They deliver sales playbooks, competitive insight, training programs, strategic sales consultancy, and team workshops.

Their experience includes working with Adobe, Dell, IBM, Oracle Corporation, MIT, Thomson Reuters and hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups.

“If you are lacking focus and frustrated by slow sales, the 100 Sales Call Challenge will give you the focus, tools and motivation to pick up the phone.”