To bring in sales, you need to be letting prospects know you exist, to contact them, to have conversations – the quickest way? And to pick up the phone

Many entrepreneurs avoid follow-up, they avoid the phone – and they are busy but NOT BUSY WITH SALES. They put off making sales calls, contacting prospects, focus on non-revenue-generating activities, don’t follow-up, and leave money on the table.

This 5-Day Outbound Sales Hustle is for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and small business owners who know they need to take more action – every day – to bring in sales.

It’s five days of planning how you can take action. You will learn sales skills, and you will take action: get clear on how you want to sell to, what you want to say, pick up that telephone, speak with prospects, ask them relevant questions, and move the sales needle.

We will support you, guide you, provide ideas, what to say, and support you as you take action and gather momentum. We will transform how you feel about sales, which will transform your business.


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Starts October 26 (investment: $97)


Ready to take action and grow your business? Here’s what’s included:

Lead workbook

Sales conversation planner

5x daily 60-minute action-setting sales lessons to help you take ACTION including:

ACTION SET #1: Who to call and how to find them

How to get clear on who you are going to call. Ideas, tools and resources to find them and source their contact details.

ACTION SET #2: What to say after ‘hello’

Get clear on what to say when you pick up the phone – how to introduce yourself, and to talk about what you do, the problem you solve, and your expertise. You will create – and rehearse – opening lines and get comfortable picking up the phone.

ACTION SET #3: Use questions to engage and inspire your prospects

How to use open questions to engage and influence. Develop and practice open questions that work for your business, product, service, or skill.

ACTION SET #4: Set up your sales process

We’ll talk about how to review what your ideal sales process should look. And how can you use the phone with email, social media, in-person (or virtual) meetings. You will map out your ideal sales process, and review what your ideal sales process is.


Note: All calls are recorded and available for replay, so you can replay or you can catch up.

Sales Coach:
Hazel Butters

Hazel is an outbound sales strategist and sales coach who helps entrepreneurs, startups, and technology companies to increase sales revenue by increasing the quality and quantity of their sales conversations – and to pick up the phone. Her experience includes working with Adobe, Dell, IBM, Oracle Corporation, MIT, Thomson Reuters and hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups.

“If you are lacking focus and frustrated by slow sales, the 100 Sales Call Challenge will give you the focus, tools and motivation to pick up the phone.”