‘Sales’ is not a dirty word…

sales dirty word

I’ve been spending a lot of time speaking at workshops and events for business owners.

I always like to ask attendees about their perception of sales. In many cases, I hear that sales is not held in high regard — it’s not seen as some highly respected discipline. It’s even viewed as a ‘dirty’ thing to do.

This is a problem that many business owners face. You create a business based on something you love — a passion you have, a skill you can’t wait to share with the world and with your prospective clients — but … what? You have to sell? Somehow this comes as a surprise to many.

Yes, you have to sell.

But you also have to remember what makes a ‘good’ sale and what makes a ‘bad’ sale (want to hear more about that, then sign up for my Brilliant Sales Tips). But the basic fact of business is you have to sell your product, service or expertise to make money. And without money, you are not running a business, you have a hobby — one that takes up all your time, energy and, well, your life.

So time to shift your mindset and to repeat after me: sales is NOT a dirty word. It’s an important part of your business and one that you have to actively pursue.

Looking to really shift your attitude, behavior and commitment to sales? Join me for my next 60-day Brilliant Sales Challenge.

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