Sales and finding customers: What are you doing to find prospects?

Finding customers

How good are you at finding customers?

Whatever your business is, no matter how fabulous or amazing your product or service, you need to attract new prospects. To do that consistently you have to set up processes and deliberate.

There are many ways to define leads, but when I work with clients to help them with their sales processes, at the broadest definition I start with ‘leads’ which are cold contacts and when these are qualified they are ‘opportunities’.

First, how big is your list of prospects that you would define as ‘leads’ or ‘opportunities’?
When did you last contact these prospects? Do you have a regular newsletter, series of educational updates, market insights or perspectives that you share with them?
How many leads did you generate last month? Last quarter? How many do you plan to generate this month?
If you don’t know, you need to set up a baseline and start tracking this number – so you can see what’s working.

So how can you find potential new prospects and generate leads? Here’s some ideas of where you can find new customers – and to help them find you:

  • □ Workshops
  • □ Webinars
  • □ Podcasts
  • □ Downloads: e-books, how-tos, checklists
  • □ Attending or sponsoring events, tradeshows
  • □ Networking
  • □ Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • □ Blogging
  • □ Videos

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