Whatever you are, be a good one

Be a good one

“I get paid to be nice to people.”

This is what Adam, a manager at California Pizza Kitchen, said to me and a row of other customers at the Boston restaurant’s bar.           

He beamed as he said he was having an “awesome day” and asked me how my day was (“brilliant”), and continued to say how thankful he was for a job which where he was paid to be nice to people and be friendly. And he meant it. As he smiled, each of us along the bar couldn’t help but smile back.

 This makes me think of a quote from William Makepeace Thackeray: “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

In business, this means coming from a place of gratitude, of being thankful and coming from a place of service. In my sales workshops, I talk about the need to have engagement, enthusiasm and excitement for what you do and how you help the world.

Sometimes as business owners and as busy entrepreneurs we get distracted by the volume of what we think needs to be done, of a constant sense of urgency to deliver and complete things, and we can forget to come from a place of thankfulness — for what we do, where we are and the possibility of what is before us.

How thankful are you for where you are now, for what you can do to help other people, to be of service?

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