Momentum, mastery and money

Increase sales

Last week I held one of our workshops in Boston.  When I was talking about how to increase sales, someone asked me about the need for consistency.

I think consistency when you’re selling is crucial – consistency creates a habit, which means that you spend time selling and get comfortable with actions that leads to sales. This need to get comfortable is important, because it creates momentum. Momentum creates practice, which leads to mastery.

This sales equation [momentum + mastery = money] is the key behind our ’90 Day Brilliant Sales Challenge’ which invites entrepreneurs and business owners to commit 90 days to transform their thoughts, attitudes and actions around sales – and in the process to change their results.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you making the money in your business that you want to make?
  • Do you, hand on heart, have an unstoppable momentum when it comes to sales?
  • Do you feel that sales – one of the most important activities for your business – is something you have mastered?

If you want to change one – or all – of these answers, then why not join us for our 90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge.  Want to join us for the next intake, then act now and sign up here to secure a space.




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