Are you clear on your sales numbers?

sales numbers

Are your sales numbers clear in your head or all jumbled up?

If you’re a business owner or a member of a founding team, or responsible for business development in any way, then here’s a few quick questions:

1. How many leads did you create last quarter?  How many do you expect to generate this month?

2. What’s your conversion rate from leads to opportunities? i.e. how many of leads do you convert into opportunities?

3. How many opportunities convert into sales?

4. How much revenue do you want to generate this month? This quarter? 

As we continue in the final quarter of the year, it’s important to know these numbers – because if you’re not working from your revenue goal and then calculating the opportunities you need, and the leads you need to create those opportunities, then hitting your number becomes an actual goal – and not some ‘hope-based’ strategy of revenue generation.

Join us for our ’90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge’ to not just learn – but to apply – goals to your business.  In this challenge we will help you create DAILY sales habits that shift your business and give you the tools, techniques and resources to SHIFT your sales.  Because brilliant sales happen when selling is a DAILY habit – and one that you enjoy.

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