Learning to have sales conversations, pour lattes and create a Jackson Pollock Swan

sales conversations


It’s been raining this afternoon, so I went for a walk around Scituate Harbor (growing up in Wales makes me head outside when it rains). I ended up in Lucky Finn, our local café, to watch the sea and have  a cup of tea – very British, I know.

Not everyone is drawn out by rain, so it was quiet in the cafe.  Lucky Finn’s manager was taking advantage of the peace and was teaching some newer team members how to use the high-end espresso machine and pour lattes.

Because while you can watch, hear, read about how to learn a skill – whether it’s making a beautiful-looking latte or learning to have sales conversations, we learn by doing even though at first we are uncomfortable, nervous, or unsure.

You can’t get to master any skill without these first unsteady attempts. But you have to go get uncomfortable, be ready to learn and willing to make mistakes.

As we get ready to launch our next ’90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge,’ I know that some of our group will feel uncomfortable – but I also know this is a great thing.  Changing your business, bringing in more money, getting clarity on how you want to bring into your business – these all mean doing new things.  For some entrepreneurs this is about having sales conversations, or learning how to ask for more money. For others it’s about getting on stage or speaking, or declaring and owning your expertise, or even saying ‘no’ to things. It’s usually a range of these things, but there’s always some things that make us a little more uncomfortable than others and it’s true – that true growth lies on the other side of our comfort zone.

I’d even go as far to say that if you’re not doing things in your business and your life that make you feel uncomfortable then you should be – stretching, trying new things and bringing new experiences into our lives (and businesses) is a brilliant thing.

At Lucky Finn – after  going through the mechanics of the machine, talking about the beans, serving styles, the “sheen” and presentation – one of the trainees proudly explained her trial drink was decorated with a “Jackson Pollock swan.” Her first latte, and the start of a new skill.

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