Suffering from sales desperation?

sales desperation


Suffering from sales desperation?

We’re halfway through our ‘90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge‘ and next week we start our new intake (there’s still time to sign up and join us).

This week our livestream was about demonstrating and communicating value throughout the sales process. This is important because while you THINK you solve certain problems and that’s why your prospects should work with you, the reasons that will bring them to a sales decision may be different.

It’s important to start with the problem that they have – and that they worry about solving. As they say: “Give them what they want, then give them what they need.”

It’s important to be in your prospect’s shoes, and to have empathy for where they are and what they need to solve.  You need to become a trusted advisor during the sales process – and then as a trusted advisor you need to come from a place of service and share your thoughts, experience and insights to the customer.

But to get to this place, you need to consider the problems worrying your prospect as you create, plan and then have sales conversations.

Because trying to solve a problem that you think the prospect has, and they aren’t worried  about (or a problem they don’t think they have) isn’t going to help you – even if you think it’s a huge problem and one that they need to solve. You have to start the sales process where they are, and address their challenges and problems.

If you feel looming sales desperation then it’s important to avoid  ‘sales panic’ – when you feel that your back is against a wall and your mind loses focus – and you frantically skip from one thing to another desperate for something to work.  You may feel like you’ve lost control but it’s important to recognize that you haven’t – but you do need to take a step back, plan, focus and execute (how to structure your workday is another area we work on during our 90-day sales challenge).

Want to shake up how you think about sales and bring more money in? Then take action and join us tomorrow for our November 7th ’90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge.’

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