Money = Freedom [= Sales]

Money equals freedom (equals sales)

I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

This includes freedom to:

  • Not work a set ‘nine to five’
  • Do what I chose for a living
  • Work with clients that I pick (and I love)
  • Have a brilliant team
  • Travel
  • Spend time with my family
  • Grow my business
  • Move to a different country (for example, I’ve wanted to live in the USA since I was about nine years old, and now I do)

Plus the freedom to generate my own money.

But it’s hard to generate money – and to make your ‘if I had money list’ if you don’t like sales. Because sales is the first step to create this freedom. 

Think: if you had more money coming into your business, then how would you spend it? Invest it to grow, to expand and train your team, to travel and to reach more people, to go and do all those things you tell yourself that you’ll do ‘someday’.

It also increases your sense of purpose. Because reaching more people means serving more people, in a brilliant positive loop.

So if you want more money in to your life and your business – get selling.

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