Your main financial resource (Hint: look in a mirror)

startup financial resource

What is your main entrepreneurial or startup financial resource?  You may not embrace it, but your main financial resources is you

When I first work with clients and I ask to share their main financial resources, I hear a lot of different answers: loans; salary from their company or employer; money that comes into their family, such as a spouse’s income; or credit cards.

But there’s one answer I’m really searching for – your ability to earn.

Your ability to earn is an immense power that many people simply do not fully embrace. This reluctance to fully step in can manifest itself in many ways. If you’re working for someone else, it may result in you not giving 110 percent to your current role and expected responsibilities. When I work with entrepreneurs, this frequently manifests itself by letting opportunities slip through self-sabotage, twinned with an inner refusal to step into the awesome earning power they have.

Many entrepreneurs simply don’t follow up and commit time to sales. And it’s not necessarily the fact that many founders juggle their startup with other responsibilities. It more comes down to a core belief that you don’t think you are worth what you want and as a result, don’t consider yourself as your main financial resource. But you are. And the best news? – You have everything you need right now to earn and get the results you want. You simply need to get out of your own way.

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