Self-sabotage: Who are you listening to?

self sabotage

In my previous post, I mentioned self-sabotage and how it affects stepping into your power.

The strange thing about self-sabotage is the root voice, which tends to be someone else’s voice.

It may be a voice that says you’re not good enough, smart enough, young enough, rich enough or can’t charge that much to work with clients (there’s huge volume when it comes to voices addressing money).

The voice may be from an incident that happened in your childhood. It could be the voice of a parent. It may be something that a teacher or authority figure once said to you. It could be a colleague, a friend. It may be even be something a stranger once said.

The strangest thing is that it isn’t actually your voice or your truth.

Learning to recognize and then shut out those voices is transforming. It allows you to step into truth, to understand what is fact, and to transform your outlook.

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