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“No-one will buy that”

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“I knew they would say no.” “I can’t charge that much.” “No-one will buy that.”

The human mind is amazing. We can dream, create, and imagine with the tens of thousands of thoughts we each have every single day.

Of course, there’s the flip side: We can also stop ourselves with worry, ‘what if’ thinking, and imagined outcomes of disaster or ridicule.
Many entrepreneurs discover this when they go to sell. Selling your product, skill, service, or expertise naturally feels more uncomfortable because it’s built on your sweat, tears, and ideas. “No” sounds louder when it’s your own business.

Yes, sales coaches (including yours truly), will tell you a “no” from a prospects isn’t about you (it’s not), but it can be tricky to shake the nos off, especially if you’re listening to your thoughts about failing. The prospect’s no is just reaffirming all those things you were thinking.

So – what are you telling yourself?

Do any of these sound familiar?
– I can’t ask people to pay for that
– I can’t ask for that much money
– I can’t disturb people and call them

Negative thoughts and beliefs we have tend to be things we’ve picked up in life. The examples above usually go more in-depth and are linked to our need for self-worth, significance, or something we are holding onto, which someone said to us years ago.

For example, I grew up in a Welsh coal-mining community. I believed that earning money was always meant to be tough. I’m not saying cash should fall from the sky, but my self-sabotage pattern was that I would make things harder for myself. Making money was meant to be hard.

If you’re looking to increase your sales – and to prospect consistently and deliberately, you need to

• Listen to what you tell yourself. You know it – that small, critical voice
• Figure out who it really belongs to
• Challenge the thought: does it serve your life going forward?
• Drop any story related to it
• Tell it to sling its hook
• Keep going and focus on your sales. Do. Not. Stop.

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