Five-day sales hustle

Five day sales hustle

A week of consistently prospecting to fill your pipeline

Do you need to bring in more money?

  • Are you an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, startup or small business owner who needs to bring in more money?
  • Do you feel distracted and unsure of what to do next?
  • Do you know you aren’t prospecting consistently?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to look for money?
  • Are you lacking motivation?

Join me and transform your sales:

  • Five days deliberate and consistent prospecting
  • No excuses – take action and move your business
  • Feel in control of your pipeline
  • Focus on creating a sales pipeline with momentum

To bring in sales you need to prospect. Prospects do not know you exist until you take action.
You need to deliberately and consistently prospect. Not just when you remember, or feel desperate for money – but every single day.

Yes, you are busy, but be honest YOU ARE NOT BUSY PROSPECTING. You put off following up, creating lead generation campaigns, introducing yourself, making sales calls, contacting prospects, instead you may be distracted on non-revenue-generating activities – and leaving money on the table.

This five day sales hustle is for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and small business owners who know they need to take more action to bring in sales.

It’s five days of doing.

I will support you, guide you, provide ideas, and support you as you gather momentum.I will transform how you feel about sales which, in turn, will transform your business.


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Starts December 7 (investment: $55)


Sales Coach:
Hazel Butters

Hazel is an outbound sales strategist and sales coach who helps entrepreneurs, startups, and technology companies to increase sales revenue by increasing the quality and quantity of their sales conversations by picking up the phone. Her experience includes working with Adobe, Dell, IBM, Oracle Corporation, MIT, Thomson Reuters and hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups.

“If you are lacking focus and frustrated by slow sales, working with Hazel will give you the focus, tools and motivation to pick up the phone—and to keep picking it up.”