About Hazel

About Hazel Butters

I’m an outbound sales expert, speaker, and coach. I help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, startup teams, and business teams to improve their sales pace, processes, and results – and have fun with their sales process.

My experience includes growing my own seven-figure business and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 100 companies, including Adobe, IBM, Oracle, CA, Dell, and Emerson.

As a speaker, my passion is outbound sales and having better sales conversations. More than 800 entrepreneurs have joined my ‘Pick Up the Phone’ workshops, and I have spoken at the Sales Hacker conference and Kaspersky’s CyberStarts, as well as at entrepreneur-focused academic institutions such as Tufts University and MIT.

I write about sales for Sales & Marketing magazine, Startup magazine, Sales Hacker, and Sales Hacker. If you want to talk about how to shift your sales conversations, change your sales process, and have fun in the process, then let’s set up a time and talk.