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“No-one will buy that”

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sales success

“I knew they would say no.” “I can’t charge that much.” “No-one will buy that.” The human mind is amazing. We can dream, create, and imagine with the tens of thousands of thoughts we each have every single day. Of course, there’s the flip side: We can also stop ourselves with worry, ‘what if’ thinking, […]


Money = Freedom [= Sales]

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Money equals freedom (equals sales)

I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur. This includes freedom to: Not work a set ‘nine to five’ Do what I chose for a living Work with clients that I pick (and I love) Have a brilliant team Travel Spend time with my family Grow my business Move to a different country (for example, […]


You, money worries and taking action

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Money worries

Got money worries? Ever had that thing when you have bad news, or something happens and your mind runs away?  I mean really runs away – where you think of the worse thing possible that could happen. Our greatest fears direct these negative thoughts – where you convince yourself that you cannot resolve, or change […]


Suffering from sales desperation?

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sales desperation

  Suffering from sales desperation? We’re halfway through our ‘90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge‘ and next week we start our new intake (there’s still time to sign up and join us). This week our livestream was about demonstrating and communicating value throughout the sales process. This is important because while you THINK you solve certain problems and […]


Do you suffer from Someday Syndrome? 

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I have frustration around the uncommitted time known as “someday.” This week I discovered it’s something I have in common with Dolores, a wholesome, blue-dress-clad android in HBO’s Western-themed sci-fi thriller, Westworld. When Dolores’s beau, Teddy, says he’ll whisk her away “someday” you can tell something’s going to snap in her circuitry. When I’m working with […]